They Never Give Up

On reminder from Alternate NEC Andy Jaime.

Lets work on reminding ourselves that scammers and phishers and whatever new word that is made up to describe someone parting you from your money and property are always looking or developing new ways to get their “fish.”

If you receive any communication from someone that appears to be someone that you know or work with, please consider it with extreme caution. If you really know a particular person and you feel like maybe the email or text message is real, you probably have another way of connecting with the person to confirm that it is them asking for help.

The recent email is not from Ken Queen. His name was taken from online published information and your email was probably obtained from the same source. I have already removed addresses except for the high offices of Department Commanders. I may need to

consider asking everyone to convert onto MyLegion access so that they have access to Department Directory or some other such controlled access.

Who knows what will finally lock bad-guys out while still allowing us to be good-guys.

Suspect everything so that you can approach cautiously. Remind yourself daily.



Angel Juarez

State Adjutant

Arizona American Legion

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"Ora et labora et lege; Deus adest sine mora”. (Pray and work and read, God is there without delay)

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