The Donut Dollies documentary March 27th & 28th

Dear Commander Queen,

We would like to introduce you to The Donut Dollies documentary, which we believe your members would find interesting. A brief synopsis: In 1968, two best friends joined an elite team and flew into a war zone wearing powder blue dresses. They were Red Cross Donut Dollies. These idealistic young women embraced their mission – to cheer up battle-worn GIs on the frontlines of the Vietnam War – with energy, creativity, compassion and resolve, but had no idea what they were getting into. 46 years later, they reunite in Vietnam to retrace their steps; ask why they went; ask whether they made a difference; unlock buried memories and share their stories for the first time.

Our film is an official selection of the Phoenix Film Festival and will be shown on Friday, March 27 @ 5:20 PM & Saturday, March 28th @ 9:10 AM, with both screenings held at the Theatre 6 – Harkins Scottdale 101 – 7000 E. Mayo Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85054 (see ticket links at bottom).

The impact the Vietnam War had on these women range from heartache over the loss of soldiers who they befriended, the sometimes gruesome sights of the wounded, taking incoming fire on base and in helicopters, experiencing what is now called PTSD, and infertility and medical issues believed to have been caused by exposure to the defoliant chemical, Agent Orange. Even in light of all this, most of the women say it was one of the best years of their lives.

The Donut Dollies recently won the Best Documentary Feature award at the 2019 GI Film Festival in San Diego and was chosen as an Official Selection of the 2020 Palm Springs International Film Festival. An important component of our screenings has been Donut Dollies being present for the screenings and we anticipate some of these women from the local area will attend.

In the coming months we will be holding additional screenings at film festivals around the country, but if you have any suggestions on screening opportunities that would more directly reach the veteran community in Arizona, we would certainly appreciate the information.

We thank you for your consideration of bringing the Donut Dollies story to the attention of your membership.


Jim Gardner


The Donut Dollies Documentary


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