The American Legion Department of Arizona issued new guidelines for the Leading Candidate

The American Legion Department of Arizona issued new guidelines for the Leading Candidate. Upon election, the Leading Candidate shall assume the role and responsibilities of Membership Director for the ensuing year (the year immediately prior to his/her election as Department Commander).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the American Legion National Organization, through a resolution duly passed by the NEC, allowed all elected Officers to remain in their current positions, if able, for another year. The majority of the officers of the National Organization remained in office; some did not.

The American Legion Department of Arizona concurred with National’s decision and the DEC passed its own resolution consistent with National’s. The DEC also recognized that this would be an opportune time to change the process of how our Department Commander was elected and adopted election procedures similar to those used by the National Organization. The new procedures required (1) an expansion of the roles of the Committee on Committees and the Credentials Committee, and (2) new rules regarding the submission of a Candidates qualifications for review and consideration.

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