S.A.L. Monday Briefing 5.21.2018

This email notice has been sent to us for sharing; if you wish to respond, email me at salazcmdr

Greetings SONS!

This is YOUR Monday Briefing that is meant to keep everyone informed about recent events, reports and general information that you can share with your members. One of the most important tools we have available to us is communication. Like I have always stated “…communication is the key to organization… best served hot”

1. G.I.Josh Dog Deployment Mission Completed!

This past Saturday, May 12, Detachment of Arizona SONS attended a Military Personnel Deployment to which they deployed 280 plus GI Josh Dogs and handed them out to the families! This is one of our great programs and it shows our support for them during this time when they need it most! Another great way to look at recruiting future members, we believe we need to be there in the beginning showing the legion support and not waiting till the family is in need or when they get home. We should try and get them to join before any deployment, timing is everything.

2. Membership is up!

As of our last membership report, we are sitting in 8th place nationally with 98.118 % membership. We only need to turn in 134 more memberships to get us at 100%…. reach out and let’s all pull together, send in those memberships TODAY!

3. Elections of new officers!

By now most squadrons have completed your new officer elections. Please remember to complete the new Squadron Officer Report Form which can be located on our website: http://www.azsal.org/publications.html

4. Blue Cap News Deadline 05-16-18

If you have an editorial or flyer that you would like to have added to the next edition of the Blue Cap News, please have them emailed to BLUECAPNEWS by May 16. Officers your reports are due and need to include your closing year editorials.

5. Robert J. Pesek, Area C Vice CMDR, Medical Update

CMDR. Bob Pesek of Area C is currently in Lake Havasu Regional Hospital recovering from open heart surgery and a hip replacement. I spoke to Bob today and he is slowly recovering and phone calls are ok if you would like to call and wish him a speedy recovery you can call or text his cell phone number 928-230-6210.

…stay in touch, stay informed, stay involved!

Keep up the great work brothers! On behalf of the SONS of The American Legion, Detachment of Arizona Officers, Thank You!