Renewing in The American Legion

Hello fellow members. If you only recently renewed for your 2020 card I know there is confusion with the NEW renewal notice that you’re getting now. Reminder: we started renewing last year July 1, for this 2020 year. We start early each year so there’s time for you to have your card for a full calendar year.
If you waited until recently to renew it’s the same card; good for its calendar year. NOW we are renewing for 2021.
I get it.
Times are tough right now but this is our system and you simply renewed at an offset time. Technically it’s late for 2020 so I’m glad that your Post honored it in order to keep your continuous years record. Hopefully resources start improving soon so that you can consider shifting to an earlier renewal for 2021.
We have accomplished a great deal with 2020 dues so far. Please look closely at our reporting on this format to see everything that YOU have been a part of to help our Arizona communities. Thank you for being a member among us. Blessings, Angel Juarez, State Adjutant