Post Squadron and ALR Nominations and Elections

Guidance for Post, Squadron and ALR Chapters
Thanks again Comrade Judge Advocate Moffitt for helping bring this together.

See below from our Department Judge Advocates and apply within your unique ByLaws.
Remember, when your ByLaws are silent, the membership body has the business.
Thanks again Counselors!

From: Rodney Glassman <>

Date: March 27, 2020 at 11:15:59 AM MST
To: Angel Juarez <>
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Subject: FW: ALR Nominations and Elections

Great analysis by John Moffitt (my Area C JA). Please distribute accordingly and thank John for his hard work!

Rodney Glassman, JD, PhD


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From: John Moffitt [mailto:JohnMoffitt]
Sent: Friday, March 27, 2020 10:40 AM
Subject: ALR Nominations and Elections

Riders – I have had a number of inquiries about what to do for those Chapters which have scheduled nominations and/or elections coming up, since most ALR meetings have been canceled during the COVID-19 pandemic and most posts are closed.

If possible, you should try to comply with nomination and election schedules as set forth in your by-laws if possible. Following are some suggestions and different alternatives.


> For those ALR Chapters which are not too large, and if you have an e-mail address for ALL of your members, you can solicit nominations for your various offices via e-mail. This can be done by your Chapter President/Director or by your Chapter Secretary (if you have one). Be sure to include a list of offices open for nomination and a deadline for submitting nominations.

> Once the deadline for submitting nominations has passed, then send out another E-mail with the list of nominations and ask your members to vote via E-mail. Again, include a date by which the vote should be submitted.

> If there are members who do not have e-mail, you should contact them by US Mail.

> After the deadline has passed, send an e-mail (or US mail) to everyone with the results of who has been elected.


> This is viable only for those Chapters which have a smaller membership. In keeping with CDC guidelines, I would suggest this only be done by Chapters with 10 or less members.

> If you hold a meeting, again keep in mind CDC recommendations regarding “social distancing” and keep everyone at least 6 feet apart.

> Posts with bars are only closed for “access to the public”. This would not prohibit your Post allowing the ALR to meet in the Post – open only to the ALR members – if your Post Commander allows it. Again, keep in mind the 10-person rule and 6-foot rule.

> You can hold a special meeting for nominations and elections at someone’s house – again, keeping in mind the 10-person rule and 6-foot rule.

> Please be sure to notify EVERY ALR member in your Chapter of any special meeting you have for nominations and/or elections – date, time and place.


> Your current officers will remain in office until such time that the pandemic has subsided and life goes back to normal and Posts are open and meetings can again be held and elections can be held.

> Once we get back to normal, suggest special meetings be scheduled fairly short apart (again, keeping in mind the nomination and election dates in your individual by-laws) for nominations and then elections. Be sure that all of your ALR members are advised of the date, time and place of these special meetings.

John Moffitt
Chairman, American Legion Riders, Department of Arizona (AZALR)
Assistant State Captain, PGR (Patriot Guard Riders)

Assistant Department Judge Advocate, Area C, Dep’t of Arizona

Judge Advocate, District 8, American Legion, Dep’t of Arizona