Please Renew or Join today

Some Veterans, especially in rural areas of Arizona aren’t able to find a nearby Post. Over time, some Posts have closed. You can still be part of our great work! Send in your interest at If you haven’t renewed yet, you can still do so at

We are celebrating 100 years as Veterans still serving America. We are way more than the clubhouses where we relax.

Some Veterans have started their own non-profits to support their passion in the community. Nothing wrong with that, maybe we can help somehow.

You might see that you can work on your passion without the administration of a non-profit. You can probably do that work as an American Legion member and let a local Post manage administration. Dues of less than $50 per year is a lot more manageable than business start up and maintenance costs.

Let’s charge into the next 100 years together. A virtual Post is on the horizon in Arizona. Let’s see what a cyberspace effort can spark!
Blessings All, Angel