Membership Renewals are flooding in!

Your Headquarters staff simply wishes to thank you all for renewing before the year is over. Many of you are not only renewing but helping to remind others, even though you may not be on the membership team. Your care for our programs DOES help others to see more of WHY they belong right along side of you.

The Department Adjutant also thanks those of you who anonymously paid dues for your Comrades in hardship and even some as loving gifts for hard working members who volunteer head and shoulders above many others.  Remember, what you do in secret to benefit others, our God sees, and will multiply.

Finally, speaking of volunteers.  Please remember to enlist volunteers from your community to help in some day-to-day Post activity.

Mainly because some of us have no business up a ladder to work up high.

Sincerely though, these folks may be your neighbors who are traveling miles away to volunteer for Veterans or children because they don’t know that they’re needed right there in their own neighborhood.

Please also remember to provide them with some sort of identification to show other members who encounter them.  Even though they may start to come and work every day and be recognized, one never knows when a stranger may walk in with questions and they’ll both feel better knowing that a Post Member is better for answers.

I’ve even heard some Commanders out there are issuing these dedicated volunteers formal written invitations as their Honored Guest to assist the Post Leadership in bringing them in for “Thank You” meals and festivities.

There are so many ways to say “Thanks” for belonging.  Either as a member or a community volunteer, when you work hard for our programs in Post and out in the neighborhood, more people will want to come close to help.

Some of them may even be eligible to join us as enrolled members.

Lets all just keep on serving our community. Membership will come.

Blessings to all and prayer filled thoughts for our men and women in harm’s way both near and far, in the air, and all the ships at sea.  Especially during our current family Holidays.  When they can’t be with theirs.