Members are still out there who haven’t renewed

These are trying times! Arizona members dues have been able to help as you have seen. Moreover, they’re volunteering in their areas where our value and commitment really shine as a light to our community.
Please reach out again to connect with those who haven’t renewed. Even if you yourself haven’t renewed yet, you may be calling someone who could really use your call at this very moment. If COVID has adversely affected your life, please at least call on your Post to let them know that something heavy is on you but that you plan on renewing. You’re not alone. There are thousands who haven’t renewed yet. I hope that you can renew by June 14; Flag Day. And if you’re seeing this and want to join, well, that would be welcome as well. Best to you. Stay safe, stay strong, stay Legion. And if you’re a LEO, keep your head on a swivel out there. Our communities need you, especially those who have felt oppressed by the bad among us all. Angel