Help with April 23-May 2, 2018 Run for The Fallen

Hello All!

Wide and specific dissemination please to Posts and Community Leaders along the route. Please see herein.

The press release and the areas we need help with here in Arizona are basic evening meals for the following:

The Post/volunteers provided meal would consist of a protein and starch, nothing elaborate.. Please let Laura know if you can help with this. She also needs people to place Hero markers the day before, approximately 50 miles per day.

Routing along the Arizona leg of the Run.

Day 17 April 23 Apache Junction
Day 19 April 25 Mammoth
Day 21 April 27 Fort Apache
April 28 Showlow
Day 22 April 28 Snowflake
Day 23 April 29 Sun Valley
Day 24 April 30 Burnside
Day 25 May 1 Chinle
Day 26 May 2 Rock Point

Awareness: We want this to be one of the most talked about tributes of the year. Every citizen should be aware of this contemporary homage to America’s recent heroes and their families.

We need everyone to share the website, like us on FB , invite friends, coworkers…. Everyone! Any way you can think of to drive awareness as often as possible please do. Duplication is not a problem.

Research: We need help doing research and making phone calls. As example are still trying to locate every school along the route, every veteran’s organization, newspaper, running club, etc. It is critical we bring awareness to as many businesses and institutions as possible. If you enjoy internet research and making calls, we have a task for you.

In addition, we need individuals to call potential in-kind sponsors to fill needs such as hotels, gas cards, nutrition and more.

Fundraising: Everyone can help in this area, either individually or corporately. Reaching out to all whom you know and sending or delivering the appropriate sponsor letter along with the press release is simple to do. All forms are downloadable on the website.

If you would be inclined, we are asking everyone to set up a crowd rise page and share with your social media sphere to help us with funding. icasRunfortheFallen2018

One thing to share is an awesome fundraising program through our VIRTUAL run, everyone can participate and join us by signing up! /product/americas-run-for-the- fallen/

In addition we have some unique ARFTF related products to wear and share. UN-FOR-THE-FALLEN_c_35.html

Runners: We are in dire need of committed runners to be a part of this historic event. We will cover the expenses such as lodging and nourishment although we do hope they could help fundraise. -runners

We would like them to commit for more than one day if possible. They need to be able to keep a pace of 9 minutes per mile as each mile is timed out. Please send them to don@runforthefallen to schedule.

Gold Star Families: If you are a Gold Star family member we need you to share with other families. Every family who has lost someone as a result of serving needs to be contacted. Every organization that serves the Gold Star community needs to be contacted. Please share everywhere possible.

We would like everyone who can to be at their hero’s marker. Read our FAQ for details and let us know if coming. If we know the family is attending and have contact info we can keep in touch regarding arrival.

Media: If you have television, radio or print contacts please take the time to send please use our press release as an introduction to share. This is downloadable from the website.

We are in need of national coverage such as CNN, FOX News, Headline News, talk shows, television celebrities as well as local connections along our route. We would like to begin getting coverage on this ASAP, please reach out. If they request an interview, please contact Laura to schedule.

Day Organizer: If you are located along our state routes, we are in need of daily organizers to arrange accommodations, end of day meals for the runners/crew and Gold Star families who would like to attend as well as daily ceremonies. These can be at a church, veteran service organization or anywhere that would accommodate approximately 50 people.

Each evening the daily names will be read as well as a special personalized flag presentation to one Gold Star family. TBD.

Thank you for all you do. There are many areas above that you can do on your own. If you would like to help us in any of the specific needs such as researching, calling or organizing, please feel free to call Laura anytime.