Hello veterans and VSOs, a Veteran Brother is in need of a kidney

Hello veterans and VSOs,

Our Veteran Brother Roy McClymonds of Mesa, AZ; Master Sergeant, USAF, Retired; and AVHOF 2017; is in need of a kidney.

Roy’s blood type is O positive, his phone number is cell 480.694.2925.

Below and attached is Living Donor information for you. Regarding the attachment, please paste the link into your browser.

If you can help Roy, Many Thanks in advance from Roy and his family;

Widest distribution of this Email Notice please,

Thank you!

Carol Culbertson

Secretary, Unified Arizona Veterans

Cell 602.799.9480

To become a living donor, you must:

· Be over age 18

· Be willing to commit to the pre-donation evaluation process, surgery and the burden of recovery

· Be a family member, friend, colleague or close acquaintance of the recipient

· Be in good health and psychological condition

· Have a compatible blood type

· Have normal kidney function

In certain situations, you must meet additional requirements to become a living donor. You may have to do this if you:

· Are an incompatible cross-match (you are not compatible based on antibodies)

· Have a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30

· Have high blood pressure

· Have a history of kidney stones

· Have an incompatible blood type

You cannot be a living donor if you:

· Are under age 18

· Have heart disease, diabetes or cancer

· Have chronic kidney problems

· Have any conditions that may jeopardize your health by kidney donation (e.g., pregnancy, being underweight, etc.)

living donor info.pdf