From Past Department Chaplain Sherie Mercier,

From Past Department Chaplain Sherie Mercier,

It’s a few hours from the last Friday in February. I’ve been on hospice for 6-1/2 weeks now. Most of my closest friends and family have been keeping in touch via Messenger.

I am getting worse, and this past week has been the worst. My hospice nurse has changed my pain medications to help me become more comfortable. I have a lot of difficulty with swallowing and some choking as well as not being able to catch my breath sometimes.

This pain and suffering helps me to pray for those worse off than I am. Many of you know what I am talking about.

Great Lent is just days away. The meds will affect me much more than they have recently, so as of today, I am off of FB, not for Great Lent, but because I’m coming to the end of my earthly journey.

That being said, if it’s very important, you may message me. I will answer when I can and am able to. I prefer a call once in a while as the bone pain even makes it hard to text/message.

I love each and every one of you and will continue to pray for you.

Let it be blessed

Glory to God for all things!

Phone calls are good. Texting hurts my hands if I do it too much. Really enjoy chatting with people.