EXTERNAL Electronic Claim Submission Options- COVID-19 UPDATE

Veteran Leaders,

As COVID-19 forces us indoors out of precaution, the Veterans Claim Intake Program (VCIP) offers several electronic methods for claims submission. The options below are fast and efficient ways to submit Veteran claims and supporting evidence to the VA Intake Center electronically, enabling material to be processed faster as physical scanning is not required. These options include:

  • Direct Upload enables users to securely submit claims directly to the Claims Intake Center through a quick drag and drop functionality. Users with a VA PIV badge linked to a VA.gov email address may access Direct Upload via the internet — VA network access is no longer required. Navigate to Direct Upload via the following link: https://dmhs.digitalcontentservices.com.
  • The Benefits Intake API enables Veteran Representatives to submit claims directly from claim management software tools, no PIV badge needed. Currently VetPro, VetraSpec, Micropact and VAClaimHelper utilize the Benefits Intake API for electronic submissions. More vendors are working to implement the API as well. Contact your claims management software tool vendor for more information.
  • Faxing can also be used to submit claims to VBA. Faxes should be sent to the appropriate fax number:
Disability Compensation 1-844-531-7818
Pension and Survivors Benefit Claims 1-844-655-1604
Board of Veterans Appeals 1-844-678-8979
Fiduciary 1-888-581-6826

In addition to the above services, VCIP also automates the establishment of 21-526EZ claims and 21-22(a) updates received via fax, API, Direct Upload and paper mail. Approximately 30% of all 21-526EZ and 21-22(a) forms are auto established, reducing review time by approximately five days. Auto Establish one of many ways VCIP is modernizing claims intake to improve service delivery to our Veterans.

Please contact your VBA VSO Liaison Michael (Mike) Stoddard or OBPI’s POC

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