Donations Drive Update for James Walton, USAVets and Manna House

In Arizona! Post 145 challenged Post 94 and Post 96 to a paper products drive to collect paper towels, toilet paper, napkins and face tissue. They are to distribute to the James Walton House as part of the District 11 "Wipe away your debt" challenge project to inspire $1.00 from each post’s per capita dues contribution.

District 11 Commander Dee Hoisington was the final judge for the challenge. She declared Post 94 in Sun City, Arizona the winner. Post 145 Commander, Bobbie Kimelton, protested that “the Post 94 awesome pancake breakfast played a huge part in the victory,” but acknowledged “the food was worth it.” Larry Leighton, Post 94 Commander commented that “the Corte Belle Vets will continue this paper drive partnership with The American Legion to provide even more donations.” In the heated race that ran that day, from 7am until 9:30am, the three posts were able to collect over 700 products for donation, demonstrating what The American Legion Family can do when they work together!