COVID-19 Thefts via Law Officer impersonation

ALL – apparently one of our members was the victim of a scam. Someone claiming to be an Arizona Trooper (but not a DPS or other Law Enforcement Officer) pulled the member over and said that a fine of $500 had to paid NOW or else he would cite him and would have the vehicle towed. The credit card company has voided the charge.

BUT – we need to notify everybody of this scam going on.

NOTE – if you get pulled over by someone claiming to be a Law Enforcement Officer and you are threatened with a citation, LEO does NOT require you to pay the fine at that time. You have to be given a citation and brought to court before a fine can be levied.

If you are out on a Legion Family mission for your Post/Unit/Squadron, your Adjutant/Secretary should be able to provide you with a letter to carry on your person to help you explain. See an example that follows:

Caution out there everyone, Angel

March 31, 2020

Law Enforcement/Emergency Management Personnel

Re: COVID-19 Measures (Sample letter)

Dear Sir or Madam:

The bearer of this letter, accompanied by an official American Legion identification card and Arizona State driver’s license, is deemed to be essential personnel for essential operations in accordance with Governor Doug Ducey’s Executive Order 2020-12 and 2020-18.

The American Legion is an “Organization that provide charitable and social services: Businesses and religious and secular nonprofit organizations, including food banks, when providing food, shelter and social services and other necessities of life for economically disadvantaged or otherwise vulnerable individuals who need assistance as a result of this emergency and people with disabilities.”

While we do help in our communities, one of our main pillars is the care for Veterans, and their families including widows and orphans.

Please grant this individual access to public roadways to and from this Post and other such essential business as described for their current mission. During any period of declared disaster, please allow within safety guidelines, roads that are passable but ordered closed or restricted to public use due to a declared state of emergency while engaged in or travelling to the location(s) of Veterans in distress.

Validation of this person’s status as essential may be made by contacting me at ###-###-####.

This letter, while not required to be present when challenged, in accordance with EO 2020-18, #2a., serves to mitigate any delay to our organization’s mission.

This letter does not supersede enforcement of the provisions set forth in Arizona laws.