**CORRECTION** Please contact Arizona Legislature Senator David Gowan regarding Senate Bill 1160


The Arizona State Senate is considering a bill that helps our state’s Police Officers and Fire Fighters with cancer care from cancers that are connected with their jobs. We, as veterans, know the issues with cancer and our military service. We annually recognize Police and Fire Fighters across our state a part of civic awards given through our American Legion Posts. We also know that many of these police officers and firefighters are also military veterans.

We are concerned that the Arizona State Senate bill may not get a hearing before the Senate Appropriations Committee. We are hopeful that since its chairman, State Senator David Gowan, has been supportive of veterans in the past, he will schedule the bill. The deadline for Sen. Gowan to schedule the bill is this Wednesday, January 28th, or it, the bill, dies.

We are encouraging our members to email Sen. Gowan at: dgowan

Ask Sen. Gowan to give Senate Bill 1160 a hearing, especially since it affects police and firefighters – many of whom, like us, are veterans.