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Membership Renewals are flooding in!

Your Headquarters staff simply wishes to thank you all for renewing before the year is over. Many of you are not only renewing but helping to remind others, even though you may not be on the membership team. Your care for our programs DOES help others to see more of WHY they belong right along side of you.

The Department Adjutant also thanks those of you who anonymously paid dues for your Comrades in hardship and even some as loving gifts for hard working members who volunteer head and shoulders above many others.  Remember, what you do in secret to benefit others, our God sees, and will multiply.

Finally, speaking of volunteers.  Please remember to enlist volunteers from your community to help in some day-to-day Post activity.

Mainly because some of us have no business up a ladder to work up high.

Sincerely though, these folks may be your neighbors who are traveling miles away to volunteer for Veterans or children because they don’t know that they’re needed right there in their own neighborhood.

Please also remember to provide them with some sort of identification to show other members who encounter them.  Even though they may start to come and work every day and be recognized, one never knows when a stranger may walk in with questions and they’ll both feel better knowing that a Post Member is better for answers.

I’ve even heard some Commanders out there are issuing these dedicated volunteers formal written invitations as their Honored Guest to assist the Post Leadership in bringing them in for “Thank You” meals and festivities.

There are so many ways to say “Thanks” for belonging.  Either as a member or a community volunteer, when you work hard for our programs in Post and out in the neighborhood, more people will want to come close to help.

Some of them may even be eligible to join us as enrolled members.

Lets all just keep on serving our community. Membership will come.

Blessings to all and prayer filled thoughts for our men and women in harm’s way both near and far, in the air, and all the ships at sea.  Especially during our current family Holidays.  When they can’t be with theirs.

Post Matches Coming on January 13 for American Legion Junior Shooting

Don’t miss the information for the 2018 Postal matches. (Those matches held at American Legion Posts or other ranges authorized.)

Details can be found HERE.

Don’t let America forget Dec. 7

Dear American Legion Family and Friends,
“December 7, 1941 – a date which will live in infamy.”

That famous proclamation from President Franklin D. Roosevelt still stands true today. But as 76th anniversary events take place this week in Pearl Harbor, there is a noticeable shift from the large-scale commemoration activities that occurred a year ago for the 75th remembrance services.

This year, fewer media outlets will be in attendance. Fewer guests will be in Hawaii to honor those who defended democracy amid the surprise attack by the Japanese on that Sunday morning so long ago. And, sadly, there will be even fewer Pearl Harbor survivors than in the past.

The number of survivors will continue to dwindle every year.

But we cannot – we must not – let their heroism fade from the memories of Americans. It is our duty as patriotic citizens to educate future generations on what the Greatest Generation did, starting with repelling the attack on Pearl Harbor. After all, it’s embedded in the DNA of our organization, “To preserve the memories and incidents of our associations in the Great Wars.”

I am honored to be a part of the commemoration ceremonies this year at Pearl Harbor. For those who are unable to attend, the ceremonies will be streamed live on Facebook, YouTube and the website of the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument’s website.

Southern Arizona Post Development & Revitalization 2017

Legionnaire’s who are still at large on record as Members of Post 100.

We are following up on emails and postcards that went out to Arizona Legionnaires who are still on record assigned to Arizona but not yet to a local Post.

We are here at Tucson today and tomorrow morning, 12/2 and 12/3, sending emails and making calls to try to help you make a choice for a local Post. I hope there is an American Legion Post close to you to pick from. We will be trying more from Post 1 in Phoenix on 12/4-6/2017.

As soon as you joined our rolls, you added strength to our voice as Veterans, for Veterans when we call on Capitol Hill. Choosing a local Post will strengthen us locally, as a larger part of your annual dues will remain closer to home instead of statewide.

Even still, you are helping all over Arizona in many of our American Legion programs. Activities like Americanism, with activity like Boys State and American Legion Baseball; Emergency Financial Assistance to the children of our members in temporary distress; Advocating for strong National Security and Veterans Benefits on Capitol hill.

If you are able to soon, please check around your area and visit local Posts to pick from the one whose projects and personalities match closest to your needs as a Veteran Still Serving America.

Many of the Post activities occur outside of open hours of member’s only canteen, so be sure to call ahead so that a leader there may best help with Q&A.

Transferring into a Post is easy and changing from Post to Post until you find your “home” is not a problem. If you remain in the AZ Post 100, please be advised that the annual dues will soon be rising higher than those of a local Post. Official notice will come before that happens.

Finally, please be sure to bring your discharge verification documents for the Post to confirm your Veteran identity. Some Posts also secure a copy for their member’s future need. Please check with the Post.

Good Luck with finding your Post soon!
Thanks for a few moments here.
Thank you for your service.
Thank you for your work in Arizona’s Largest Veterans Service Organization.
Best Regards,

System Maintenance Department Remote Downtime 11/18-19/2017

FYI All,
Our cloud system will be down during November 18 through November 19, 2017 for Annual System Maintenance.
Regular processes should not be affected but Department Staff will not have remote access to interact with Posts in the field during this time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Dept. Adjutant