brand-new free covid 19 testing site by Az Legion Post 65

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turn the coronavirus pandemic here in arizona, 1st at four today a brand-new free covid 19 testing site is officially open right here in the valley. 12 news mark lieberman gives us an inside look at some of the new 1st few patients who made their way through testing. >> reporter: cars have been lined up at this brand-new testing site since 6:00 this morning, we caught up with one man as he was driving in to get tested. >> i have copd. i want to get myself tested because of that. >> reporter: john smith was one of the 1st drivers line up to get himself tested early tuesday morning. 82-year-old was lined up with dozens of others at cesar chavez park in levine. arizona’s newest testing site. >> we need more. >> reporter: that’s one of the biggest reasons this testing site is here. >> we thought this underserved communities we need to go to, they have a high rate of covid 19. we decided to move over here. >> reporter: commander jarvis reddick with the travis l williams post-65 of the american legion has teamed up with the heroes own a foundation to make this site possible in an area where it’s desperately needed. >> it’s important, because i’m on a fixed income, and really, it don’t fit my budget too well. >> reporter: the underserved community, it’s not enough. that’s why we are here, that we can serve these communities, with high-capacity testing. >> reporter: reddick says the testing site can handle about 100 cars per hour with the help of about 20 volunteers at a time, along with national guard troops. >> you don’t need prior symptoms, you don’t need to insurance, it’s totally free. >> reporter: if you test positive, you will be notified by a telemedicine doctor within 5 to 10 business days. organizers say this new testing site will be open through august 8. in levine village, mark lieberman, 12 news. >>> the u.s. has reached a grim milestone in the fight against covid 19. more than 150,000 americans …