Arizona American Legion Veterans/Families 100th Statewide Convention

Hello Everyone!

The Department Convention information forms and notices are now on the page.

There are only about 100 rooms left in our Annual Department Convention room block at The Sheraton Grand Wild Horse Pass Resort for June 20-23! Please spread the word, especially to the hundreds of new members that we have this year. Veterans or Family of Veterans, if you see this and haven’t joined, it’s not too late. Please visit your community Post and inquire about membership and they can check into your eligibility. Some of them even have need of non-veteran volunteers to serve the Veterans in their community.

Convention: We realize that it’s still a bit out on the calendar but remember to book by May 29. We hope that this reminder helps get members in on our great deal. Remember that hotel is offering before and after dates for this rate. Be ready to provide your membership ID# when asked.


· The resort fee is officially waived for us; regardless of what the website shows. Per hotel.

· Hospitality Rooms are booked directly through me; you only need to book your sleeping quarters. If you want access early for preparation, you’ll need to book the night before as well. These rooms will all be in the North wing unless you request otherwise once you arrive to claim the room.

· I’ve asked the resort to assign us to rooms in the North wing next to meeting areas when you arrive to claim your reservation. First come, first served of course.

· The Agendas are still being built. The Legion is moving some items around to avoid overlap so that officers and members can attend more, easily. Note: If the committee is meeting, you don’t need to be a member of that committee to attend and learn more. The committee reserves the right to go into executive session but, this is rare. If you would like to attend, a courtesy email is requested/not required, to the committee chair.

· SPECIAL: On Thursday morning, a special “arts” activity will be available next to our vendor area. All members are welcome to attend as space allows in the time frames they will bring. MORE information to follow once we have it. A sign up will likely be needed as the room capacity will be set. This is an opportunity that we are extending to women veterans in particular so if you know a woman veteran interested in art, please invite her. In support of her needs, she will not need to be a member to benefit from this activity. All others, as space/time permits.

· NEW: The pre-registration for members remains the same at $10 if you pre-register.

o Registration at the Credentials desk is higher. $20.00 per member. We hope that you pre-register. We are not trying to raise more money. There is simply more effective arrival if you are pre-registered. Please pre-register at the $10.00 rate.

o American Legion Riders: Your pre-registration covers all of your activity including the Annual Riders Meeting on Saturday. When your Post helps with your pre-registration be sure to remind them to mark the “Rider” space on the form that they use. If you are only able to come to the Saturday meeting and did not pre-register, please come early enough to obtain “at the gate” credentials from the Department registration table. Please pre-register. If your chapter fills out its own form(s) for its members, or you fill it for the Post, remember that a separate form is needed for Legion, or Son, or Auxiliary. Legion/Sons payment can be combined; the Auxiliary members need a separate check payable to ALA Department of Arizona. We do not use a separate Rider only form in part, to log for each Post/Squadron/Unit, exactly how many of its members are benefiting from Convention activities. Other instruction is on each form including pre-registration deadlines.

· Other details are available on the page at the link above. Convention questions to me by email please. ajuarez if you have questions from non-members please ask them to email hdqtrs so that our staff might assist.



Angel Juarez

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Arizona American Legion

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