American Legion Posts in Arizona to Assist the Buddy Watch Walk

Their Mission: Talk to as many people as possible raising awareness to PTSD, TBI, MST, addiction, homelessness, and Veteran suicide. To learn more about the walk, visit or visit them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Snapchat. Thank you so much for support!! Sincerely, John Ring – Jimmy Mathews #BuddyWatch #BuddyWatchWalk #Veterans #UnitedStates #Military #VFW #Georgia #Alabama #Mississippi #Arkansas #Texas #NewMexico #Arizona #California #AmericanLegion #VetsMatter #PTSD #TBI #MST #MentalHealth #Homelessness

From Department Commander Ken Queen:

Hello All! Realizing that these are trying times, there continues to be sparks of hope “walking” around to help raise the focus on the homeless Veterans among us.

Just the other day, Adjutant Angel was chatting with an Arizona member who happens to be “out in the open.” These challenging times are worse for more Veterans than we would ever want.

As a membership family we have committed to promoting the Buddy Watch Walk and we hope that you can as well. Donations raised by Arizona Posts will help locally through Build us Hope, tiny homes for Veterans.

Along their trek through Arizona which is about to start, strolling safely along the Interstate 10 corridor, you can track their progress. It will take them the rest of May to make their way to Quartzsite.

They have been at it since Tybee Island, Georgia. The Arizona American Legion Posts should watch for opportunity to help John and Jimmy as able. If you can assist this team with respite along the way, please let Adjutant Angel know at hdqtrs@azlegion. We have set a fund up to help the Posts to help the team if needed. The easiest help is by reimbursement so please save and submit those receipts. Angel is in direct contact (as able) with the John and Jimmy. Cell signals between towns/cities is unpredictable.

Take a look at their media and you’ll see that they would love an interview along the way. They’re scheduled interviews so please follow their instruction to set those up.

This message may not make it to some of our remote Posts and other American Legion groups in time so please help spread the word.

American Legion questions direct to hdqtrs please.

Those of you who are AZ American Legion College Graduates have Angel’s cell number for text questions so that’s another way to get answers not available on or gofundme

Be safe out there everyone!

Cdr Ken and Adj Angel