5000+ members haven’t renewed yet

Instead of my wondering why at times like this, when cash flow is on everyone’s mind, let me say this.

I’m one to guess that your local Arizona Post could use your cautious help in the community. Call the Commander or Adjutant and inquire please?

If you’re out of work right now and holding loyalty to your employer for a speedy return, safe volunteering at these Posts may help calm your mind a bit.

The biggest help right now is helping to check on others. The proof of this is clear if you haven’t been checked on yet.

We have been up to 57,000 strong in times past. That doesn’t include the thousands more in our American Legion Auxiliary and Sons of The American Legion.

Our American Legion Riders are out there all the time. Some of them have been deputized by their local law enforcement agencies to help during this critical time.

Please come back closer. We have always been needed by our Posts and now all the more so. Explain that you can’t pay right now. Things will get better. My faith comforts me so.

I’ve said please now enough for you to feel like I’m begging. I don’t care brothers and sisters; we’ve all taken a knee in far away places before and we still get come together in prayer now as kindred spirits from all those far away lines.

This thing on us now is sneaky. With enough of us watching over each other, it’s gotta be easier on each of us to keep it at bay and drive it away. Maybe our medical response branches will actually trigger its complete annihilation. We’ve done that before with other bugs. Let’s work to not lose anymore good people in the process.

Now, Adjutant hat off and humbled heart;
God Bless you and yours, all the men and women in harms way near and far, all the ships at sea and wings in the skies above.
God Bless their families, and all the medical professionals readying for the worst and praying for the best. God Bless our domestic warriors, First Responders, (including my bro up in CO).
God Bless all who are keeping our economy moving. God Bless the families who nervously support them in fear for their safety. God Bless our sunny state and
God please, Bless the United States of America and the leaders that we entrust to guide her. Amen. — Angel, Chaplain Emeritus, American Legion Post 41

Please share our prayer. And it’s okay to tell them that I’m begging. I’m actually about to rise from both knees. Thanks for reading this far.