27 June, 2018 08:53

Another Reminder:

The postcards and emails and calls that you are receiving for return call to PCI in TX, are part of our campaign to update our database, while also collecting history to fill a book we are publishing.

The personal ID is not the member ID. It’s for PCI tracking so that when a member calls, PCI can confirm using the Member Legion ID if nothing else.

These are the requests that I have with PCI who is helping us to capture updates in our database, while they showcase the history book that they are making for us.

Also, if your membership has lapsed, they are helping to renew/reinstate membership. Thanks for helping to verify and fill missing information in our database.

Buying the book is voluntary.

No money request is part of this campaign. Unless you want to buy a book in time for Centennial.

I have previously announced this on the web and newsletter and 2017 convention as well as again 2018 Convention.

Other states are publishing a book in preparation for The American Legion Centennial in 2019.

Thanks for helping to fill our Arizona American Legion History book.

Thanks for all that you do!