26 February, 2019 15:02

What a solid day today in preparation for National Commander Brett Reistad’s testimony to Congress tomorrow. A couple more Representatives to see first thing but today your Arizona Delegates teams for the visits were; Angel Juarez, Department Adjutant – Phoenix
Steve Aguirre, Department Commander – Tucson
Judi Beischel, National Executive Committeeman – Fountain Hills
Andy Jaime, Alt. National Executive Committeeman – Scottsdale
Mike Espinosa, Vets Employment & Education Committee – Avondale
Richard Perry, Legislative Commission – Tombstone
John Aldecoa, Legislative Council – Tempe
Ben Headen, Department Membership Director – Sierra Vista
Larry Bahill, Legislative Committee – Tucson
Kenneth King, Legislative Council – Phoenix

Also, Delegates representing the Sons of The American Legion:

Ed Cleary, National Vice Commander-Western Region – Mesa
Matthew Griffis, Alt. National Executive Committeeman – Tucson
And, Joe Roberts, Asst. Detachment Adjutant – Tucson
Pictured in nonSpecific order…