17 January, 2019 09:27

URGENT and from now on…
Please help spread this ALERT.
Do not render financial assistance in response to emailed requests.
Emails are being used to steal your good will. The emails are fake named to match someone’s account that you know.
A real request from a Comrade would come by direct contact in my opinion. The reasons provided by fakes for why they can’t call, but they do have internet access are ridiculous.
When I ask for assistance I invite you to a secure and known donation point. Department Officers follow the same suit. If it’s a personal request, I for one would do it in person or by direct call.
But help spread the word also, that some scammers are targeting grandparents by claiming to be distant relatives so it would seem that nothing should be taken for granted.
Please be alert and help spread the word, perhaps at every meeting to keep it fresh in our minds. Thank you