14 December, 2018 06:35

Hello From Membership Director,

Commanders, Adjutants, and Membership Chairmen,

I want to start by saying we are slowly moving up the chart at National, and I want to thank you.

I know our post have been busy with Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching.

That is going to be the theme for this request, I would ask that every post please let’s put together a check welfare effort for our members that we have not seen around for a while, or members who have not renewed for 2018, 2017, 2016; as well as for 2019.

Let’s put a call out to them and find out how they are doing, if there is something, we can do for them. I would like to also tie this to Valentine’s Day by having this accomplished by February 14, 2019. I know we have busy life’s and post, but I believe this is just one way we can reconnect with some of members we have not seen in a while.

I am also available to assist any post who needs help in this matter.

Once again keep up the hard work,

Benjamin “Coach” Headen

Department of Arizona

Membership Director

One Team – One Goal

One Heart – One Soul