116th Congress, S.504 – “The American Legion Act”

FYI Widest Dissemination please.

Many of you who closely follow our American Legion Legislative efforts, as well as those of our National Executive Committee have probably already heard about this effort, a few years in the making.

Attached are our Legislative Priorities along with copies of the NEC Resolutions and historical information regarding our eligibility requirements; and if you check with www.Congress.gov you can find what early new information is available in the 116th Congress regarding; S.504 – A bill to amend title 36, United States Code, to authorize The American Legion to determine the requirements for membership in The American Legion, and for other purposes.

State Cdr Steve’s Op-ed, also attached, was sent to media but we haven’t seen it published yet. He did send his AZ Legislative Council to meet with Senator Sinema the other night because she said she wanted more information and announced directly that she is sponsoring the non-partisan bill along with Senator Thom Tillis (R), NC. It has already been read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary by the Senate. Please ask your representative to co-sponsor this bill.

Please lend your prayers to this ongoing effort to recognize all Veterans who served Honorably in actions around the world, that were in response as warriors for our great nation.

Veterans who have not yet joined because of eligibility; please lend your prayers as well. Please have your discharge verifiable documents ready, in the event that Congress agrees with us and adjusts our Congressional charter as honorable war-time veterans and recognizes everyone’s fight since December 7, 1941 until the cessation of hostilities. We look forward to your being allowed to enroll in our great American Legion work.



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