Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Department Email Problems- Statewide


It has come to our attention once again, that many are not receiving email from our office.
With the exception of those to whom I might send an individual email to or of course reply, when I send out information via a bulk email list there are still many who are not receiving.

I found out at Fall Conference, November 2016 from something like 20 of you that the problem had first surfaced.  That it had been going on since July 2016.  I can’t imagine how left out you feel if you still aren’t getting our emails.  Taking another approach to fix this I took all the emails from our Department Directory.  This apparently still missed some folks and we are working on another update today.

A favor please?  If you expect to receive regular information from Department and are not receiving it, please notify us by all means possible.  We are by mission, trying to be here for you and when a technical problem like this unfolds we need to be able to rely upon you for the communication line as well.  With respectful Thanks! Angel

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