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Legion Storms Hill

Visiting Senator Flake’s staff

in Washington DC, the Russell building, Past Nation Vice Commander George Cushing and Legislative Council member Neal Sundeen, with Commission Chairman Larry Bahill.

#LegionStormsHill @AmericanLegion @LegionInDC. We split into groups to cover multiple offices.

DC Storm the hill

Department of Arizona Delegation and Commander Domingo Bonilla Visiting Representative O’Halloran in Washington DC, the Cannon building, #LegionStormsHill @AmericanLegion @LegionInDC

Sad tidings

Beloved, please include in your prayers,

Arizona delegation to Washington, DC

The days are long but the work so rewarding! Arizona delegation to Washington, DC for our work with the National Legislative Commission. We are Members of the largest veterans service organization being briefed on updates to bills that need action to serve our Veterans. #LegionStormsHill @AmericanLegion @legionindc

Robert Delsi ill

Beloved ,
Spread the word please.
Robert Delsi is at Casa Grand hospital ER.
His sister ask us to spread the word.
Prayers to Robert and family.