Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

It has come to our attention once again, that many are not receiving email from our office.
With the exception of those to whom I might send an individual email to or of course reply, when I send out information via a bulk email list there are still many who are not receiving.
I found out at […]

WASHINGTON (January 25, 2017) – The leader of the nation’s largest veterans organization expressed support for some recent executive actions of the Trump administration, while at the same time voicing concern that VA “not take a step backward.”
“The American Legion believes that the president is correct in exempting national security, public safety and our armed […]

By: Meghann Myers, January 18, 2017
A female officer has completed the Army’s rigorous selection process for its storied 75th Ranger Regiment and is on her way to joining a unit in the next few months, according to a spokesman for Army Special Operations Command.
The soon-to-be first female Ranger passed the 75th Ranger Regiment’s […]

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