Department of Arizona American Legion Post Re-Opening May 11 Instruction

Please see here and attached instructions about planned Re-Opening for DINE-IN SERVICE authorized starting on May 11, 2020.

1. This information is for those Posts who can safely resume their former dining activity.

2. Attached are;

a. One page guidance for restaurant reopening.

b. Arizona Executive Order #34

c. Department of Liquor License Control (DLLC) Reopening Instructions

d. Arizona Executive Order #18

3. This supersedes previous guidelines shared by The American Legion, Department of Arizona using older interpretations and instruction as then provided by authorities.

4. Please read and consider everything from evolving government resources on the web. See more information at;






i. Governor’s EO#34

5. ATTENTION PLEASE: The attached instruction from the Department of Liquor License Control demonstrates that all licensee types are included which means American Legion Post food service as well, WHILE safety enhanced dine-in service is being conducted. Therefore, there must be dining during the hours of service especially if the Club canteen/bar/lounge is supporting such dining.

6. American Legion Posts are an essential community effort. The current community work that the Post is doing regarding Veterans, Military, Child welfare and Youth Mentoring should continue regardless of whether other Post Operations are suspended or temporarily affected.



DLLC notice Restaurant Reopen instruction.pdf

eo_2020-18_stay_home_stay_healthy_stay_connected_1.0_0 (1).pdf

COVID-19 Updates

Daily Updates

Arizona Governor Ducey’s updated announcement and Executive Order

Other information:

If you have a restaurant in your operation, this of course, so far, can operate for take out or delivery as able. Read the executive order to review other exemptions for alcohol saws with food purchases.

Please comply as directed by your city leaders as good corporate citizens.

Department of Arizona leaders are cautiously optimistic that we will be over the emergency in a matter of weeks, but it is possible that the cities, county, state, or Federal authorities will further prohibit groups and events from gathering, and of course in accordance with our Nationally issued Charters we should comply.

Remember, administration of and by the post must still occur, or direct your members to renew online. Check on the vulnerable members of your post.

Stand ready as might be able to help as a location for emergency services responders. See more at

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

While there still are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 among Legion Family members, we should continue to take this situation seriously. Updates will continue to be posted via

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I will be out of the office with possible limited access to email due to assisting with the closures. My direct line is 602-264-7706 x103. I will respond to you as soon as I am able with information as it becomes available.

Remember more information can be found at;



Angel Juarez

State Adjutant

Arizona American Legion

(602) 264-7706 Fax (602) 264-0029

“Ora et labora et lege; Deus adest sine mora”. (Pray and work and read, God is there without delay)

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24/7 Support Line: 1-866-4AZ-VETS

Sad Tidings Sherie Mercier

It is with great sadness that I have been asked to share the passing of Sherie Mercier (Elizabeth), Past District 8 Commander and Past Area B Vice Commander for the Department of Arizona. Sherie passed away July 15, 2020 following an extended illness.

She is survived by loving family and friends including her beloved husband Mark, with whom she recently celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary.

Due to the COVID-19 situation private services will be held on Saturday July 18, 2020 at the Greenwood Mortuary for immediate family. Sherie will then be laid to rest at St Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery in Florence, Arizona.

In lieu of flowers please consider a contribution to Exaltation of the Holy Cross Church, 3710 W Greenway Rd, Suite 141, Phoenix, Arizona 85053 (602) 399-7630.

Sad tidings Former Department Chaplain Elizabeth “Sherie” Mercier passing

An early report of Sherie’s passing this morning at 9:00AM. More detail as it arrives. Please keep Sherie and her family, especially her husband Mark and daughter Jennifer in your thoughts and prayers. Blessings, Angel

Arizona Data COVID Reporting
Here’s my take:
Avoiding each other, while we conduct our business and live our lives is having an effect as seen in these Arizona Department of Health Services charts.
When we can’t avoid each other by more than 6 feet, the masks keep our spit to ourselves. Wash or change your mask like you do your underthings. There are people who can’t wear masks. Their spit gets on surfaces or your face and mask. Grabbing at your mask transfers anything onto your hands and other stuff. This is why distance is the first line of defense. Mask is second line. Limit touching is third line. We ask you to stay on your own property if you’re sick so that there’s a chance that Defense lines 1-3 aren’t taxed as much while germs die on their own wherever they may land. If you are sick, check in with medicos. It could be anything affecting breathing. Maybe treatable lung cancer, for example.
If you simply can’t stand to help this way, please limit your gathering to any size group of the people that are going to be there for each other if any bug gets ahold of this group’s members. The government asks that you limit it to 10 or less. Don’t assume that all your members respect the guidelines. Finally, Do not be afraid. Be strong. Be aware. Be Cautious. Be Alert to possible changes in your environment. Maybe if we are consistent, we will even reduce exposures of other bugs out there now and future.
This is our humanity getting through this together. God bless you all, especially if you or someone that you care about is ill. Angel Juarez, State Adjutant, The American Legion, Department of Arizona. (Not a government agency.)

Renewing in The American Legion

Hello fellow members. If you only recently renewed for your 2020 card I know there is confusion with the NEW renewal notice that you’re getting now. Reminder: we started renewing last year July 1, for this 2020 year. We start early each year so there’s time for you to have your card for a full calendar year.
If you waited until recently to renew it’s the same card; good for its calendar year. NOW we are renewing for 2021.
I get it.
Times are tough right now but this is our system and you simply renewed at an offset time. Technically it’s late for 2020 so I’m glad that your Post honored it in order to keep your continuous years record. Hopefully resources start improving soon so that you can consider shifting to an earlier renewal for 2021.
We have accomplished a great deal with 2020 dues so far. Please look closely at our reporting on this format to see everything that YOU have been a part of to help our Arizona communities. Thank you for being a member among us. Blessings, Angel Juarez, State Adjutant

July Information Letter

Thank you Post 81 for caring about members and the greater community at large.

From: Cheri Bathurst []
Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2020 1:59 PM
To: Legion Post 81 <>
Subject: July Information Letter

July Info Letter.pdf